Legacy Recording

At our firm, we know that you want to provide for more than just your family’s material needs. You want to leave your family a gift that will help them to have a better life.

While traditional Estate Planning focuses primarily on the transfer of money and property, perhaps more importantly, a true legacy transfer has to do with deeper, more lasting issues including your family’s wisdom, stories, memories, values and life’s lessons that you have accumulated over your lifetime.

We believe that over the course of our lives we acquire an abundance of wisdom that needs to be shared and preserved for generations to come. Each of my clients has a “life story” that should be passed on to his or her family. These memories, life lessons, words of wisdom and stories can be passed on through guided Legacy Questions that add value to your estate plan.

This value cannot be measured in dollars and will continue for generations after you are gone. Using interesting and thought provoking questions, we help you share and save the lessons and experiences of your life. We make it easy and enjoyable.

You can capture your fondest wishes for your family’s happiness. 

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about leaving your family with a lasting legacy.

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